2021 Tour Championship Round 4 – Tee Times, Scoring Averages, Showdown Salaries, and Projections for Draftkings RD 4 Contests

The following is information for the 2021 Tour Championship. The data spans years 2016-2021 and is specific to a player’s history at this tournament. The DK_SCORE_AVG column shows the Draftkings scoring average for the player’s round history based on current Draftkings Showdown contest scoring rules.
Note #1 – A few players are shown as having played in the tournament, but do not have round history. In these cases the player withdrew prior to completing the round.
Note #2 – For Players with no history from 2016-2021 all data is shown as zeros.
Draftkings Showdown Round 4

If you have any questions or comments we would love to hear from you…and if there are any other stats you would like to see, just let us know…we would be happy to publish them if we can.

Best of luck this weekend, and enjoy the Tour Championship.


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