We provide IT services and consulting specific to sports related applications for clients large and small.

In most cases, when building a deliverable the end product is either Excel based or some hybrid of Excel and Access, though we can accommodate almost any platform.

Typically when we receive a project request we ask for as much information from the client as possible, including sample formats. If needed, we schedule a conference call or Skype session to expedite fact finding.  We then provide a client with a fixed cost and delivery date for their approval.  Based on the scope of the project we may require milestone payments, with the final payment due upon the project being delivered to the client’s complete satisfaction.

PayPal is our preferred method of payment, but other methods can be utilized as well.

Below are just some of the types of work that we have done:

Daily Fantasy Sports, Season Long Fantasy Sports, Handicapping

  • Consult With Clients Participating in the Hilton/Westgate NFL Super Contest
  • Lineup Creation
  • Lineup Optimization
  • Back Testing and Modeling – Based on Client Provided Parameters
  • Predictive Algorithms – Based on Client Provided Parameters
  • Historic Database Creation
  • Systems to Automate Database Updates
  • Performance Tracking
  • Bankroll Management
  • Structuring Client’s Own Data

Sports Related Websites, Blogs

  • Provide Data and Analysis to be used as Content
  • Provide Consulting on Content and Marketing Plan for Start-ups
  • Provide Consulting on How to Increase Hits and Traffic

Sports Related Research

  • Provide Data and Analysis for Business Plans, Business Development, and Thesis Work

File Creation

  • List of outdoor stadiums with zip code and link to current weather
  • List of coaching changes
  • List of historic results by league including line, total, and moneyline

A few things we don’t do:

  • In regards to Daily Fantasy Sports, we don’t provide algorithms. We are not statisticians; our expertise is in the data and building the applications.  That said, we would be happy to work with you in any way to back test and model your own projection methodologies.
  • In regards to handicapping, we don’t provide picks.  Once again, if you have your own concepts that you want to have integrated into an application we would love to help you do that.
  • While we often work in concert with web developers,  we don’t create or maintain websites.